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Connectivity Services: Voice Services

VonX Plans and Features

The VonX Advantage | Is VonX Right For My Company? | VonX Plans and Features

Nexus' VonX is extremely flexible, designed to suit your current business needs as well as accommodate your company's future growth. Three VonX plans are available to meet the needs of a broad range of companies.

Smaller companies who don't really need an on-site PBX can choose the VonX Hosted plan, in which the company's PBX is hosted at Nexus' facilities. Companies that wish to continue using their existing on-site PBX and gain the advantages of VoIP can choose the VonX ConX plan. Companies that prefer to have Nexus manage all aspects of their telecommunications, including supplying and managing their on-site PBX, can elect to go with the VonX Complete solution. The table below compares the three different VonX offerings.

VonX Plans

There is a VonX system to fit the needs of business at any size or development stage.

  Hosted ConX Complete
Theme Leveling the playing field for small business Renew your equipment with VonX power Peace of mind when your business is on the line
Typical size 1-12 users Scalability determined by customer equipment Several hundred users--completely scalable
PBX System Offsite in Nexus' data center Uses existing customer equipment 100% managed by Nexus
Connectivity DSL, T1 PRI or T1 T1 or DS3
911 Supported Yes Yes Yes
Features All popular features of PBX available including voice mail Determined by customer equipment Customizable feature package and voice mail
Toll Grade Voice Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Maintenance Provided by Nexus Determined by customer Provided by Nexus
Long Distance Yes Yes Yes

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Nexus' VonX Hosted and VonX Complete services have all the features of a traditional PBX as well as others that only VoIP can provide. (Because it uses a company's existing PBX, VonX ConX features are dependent on the particular PBX and therefore aren't shown in the table.)

VonX Hosted or VonX Complete Features Feature Description
Local and long distance Local calls and calls to anywhere in the U.S. are included.
Direct Inward Dial (DID) Outside callers can directly reach individual extensions. Compared to regular PBX service, DID saves the cost of an operator, calls complete faster, and callers feel they are calling a person rather than a company.
Caller ID Displays the name and/or telephone number of the person calling.
Call Waiting An audible notification that another call is waiting.
Caller ID w/ call waiting An audible notification that another call is waiting, as well as a display of the name and/or telephone number of the caller.
Call forward busy Automatic routing of a call to another phone when the called party's line is busy.
Call forward no answer Automatic routing of a call to another phone when the called party does not answer.
Call forward variable Forward calls to a pager, cell phone, residential phone, another business line - you select where, each time you activate the service.
Hands Free Use the phone without having to hold a handset.
Call transfer Transfers the call to another phone.
Call park retrieve Pick up a call that has been transferred to your phone.
Voice mail Use your telephone to listen to messages recorded by callers.
Voice mail to email Listen to voice mail messages on your computer that were automatically emailed to you.
Voice mail tree The caller is given a list of options for reaching other departments or individuals in the company.
Company directory The system helps a caller locate an individual by name.
Group Ring An incoming call rings several telephones simultaneously.
Station-to-Station Dialing
Call Hold The caller can be temporarily retained while another call is answered or placed.
Call Park/Pickup-Redialing Park a call at another specific extension and then retrieve it at the other phone.
Message Waiting Indicator A visual indication that a voice mail message is waiting.
Do Not Disturb You can choose to not be notified of incoming calls.
Flexible Dial Plans Provides multiple options for customizing the dialing to meet each customer's unique requirements.
LCD Feature Support/Soft Keys
Handset Volume Control Controls the volume of the earpiece.
Reporting Better tracking of employee call records through online reporting.

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The VonX Advantage | Is VonX Right For My Company? | VonX Plans and Features

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