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Connectivity Services: Voice Services

The VonX Advantage

The VonX Advantage | Is VonX Right For My Company? | VonX Plans and Features

Regular VoIP VonX

VoIP over the Internet, as shown in the diagram above, is adequate for residential use. Because the phone call's data packets must travel the public Internet, though, they are subject to the variety of effects noted above that can reduce the call quality. VoIP With VonX

With VonX, The Nexus Group controls the network connection starting at the customer's premises. Instead of traveling the public Internet, voice packets from the VonX phones are routed over a dedicated, DSL/T1 line monitored by The Nexus Group on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week basis. At The Nexus Group facilities the call's data packets are put onto the PSTN for toll-quality calls.

Because The Nexus Group uses a managed network connection it can use priority queuing, quality of service standards, and separate Virtual Area Networks (VLANs) to further improve the quality of VoIP calls. Priority queuing ensures that speed-critical data packets, e.g., voice packets, are sent before ordinary data packets. Quality of Service (traffic control) standards further ensure bandwidth for the applications that really need it, e.g., voice, and allows network managers control over network applications. Separate VLANs carry voice traffic separately from data traffic for greater speed and reliability.

VonX is superior to traditional "fixed bundles" in which voice and data travel over separate connections and bandwidth is wasted. With VonX, voice and data travel over same broadband connection and bandwidth is dynamically allocated between the two as needed, bringing greater efficiencies to your business.

VonX includes local and long-distance calling, dedicated Internet access, and On-Net telephone calling, so your business has a single consolidated bill each month. You can use your existing phone system with VonX or replace it with The Nexus Group's IP network managed service. Your VonX system will provide a host of features providing cost savings and significant benefits.

In addition, the various VonX plans save money and br ing efficiencies to your business in a number of exciting ways.

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The VonX Advantage | Is VonX Right For My Company? | VonX Plans and Features

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