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Information Technology Architecture

Companies have four primary components to their IT infrastructure:

  • Software: Operating Systems / Applications / Data
  • Computing Hardware
  • Voice Communications
  • Connectivity (Internet bandwidth and point to point circuitry)

Risk management / disaster avoidance for a business is not exclusively an IT infrastructure component, but is fundamental building block as a company builds and operates their IT architecture. It is the fifth component to an efficient, secure, redundant, scalable, and high availability infrastructure. Addressing these five components allows a business to focus on its core competencies knowing the building blocks are secure and managed.

Cost Savings

Two advanced technologies are presently enabling companies to more efficiently manage their IT infrastructure:

The Nexus Group is the only company in middle Tennessee that can singularly provide and manage all five components (Software, Computing Hardware / Cloud Computing, Voice Communications / VoIP, Connectivity, and Risk Avoidance).

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