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Business Continuity/Disaster Avoidance

What are the most important parts of any business? 

The people and the Data. 

And protecting that data and its systems is difficult and complex.

Now you are wondering:

What do I need to do to protect that data? Why is it important to me and to my business to protect that data?

Business Continuity Management is a process that identifies potential dangers that threaten an organization (and its data) and then provides a framework for building protection and an effective response, which safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities.

You need car insurance and health insurance for emergencies.

Nexus "Nsurance" is insurance for your data.

Nexus Nsurance offers you cost effective options to nsure your data is safe and your application servers are available

Nexus Nsurance offers recovery of the computing environment from an error or major site failure.

Nexus Nsurance offers a rapid process to move a business transaction from a failed component to a functioning component with minimal impact to the organization and environment

Nexus Nsurance offers four layers of Protection:

Don't know what you need. Ask yourself this question: "How much downtime can I afford?"

If your business data is important to your success or failure as an organization, we should talk.

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